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One in five students is dyslexic.  50% of 4th Graders are not reading on grade level.  Only seven states nationwide evaluate all Kindergarten and 1st Graders for Dyslexia and as a consequence so many of our students go undiagnosed.

Join Brooke Lyn and me and sign our petition to call on the Governor, Mayor, Chancellor & Legislature to make New York the eighth state to universally screen all Kindergartners for dyslexia and to work together to dedicate the resources necessary to ensure that all of our children who struggle with dyslexia and other learning differences get the quality education that they deserve. 

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Grace Veras Sealy
Henry Matthews
Elizabeth Lucadamo
Richard LaMarita
Offer Sharaby
Orli LeWinter
Kelly Agnew-Barajas
Nicole Williams
Joanna Kalb
malika green
Pamela Ryan
heather rajamani
Julie Underwood
Kathryn Barbieri
Elizabeth Mayward
Ken Lippmann
Sandra Lippmann
Suzanne Clarkson
Dorothy Leech
Asia Bukszpan
Elaina Greco
Catherine Cruz
Joanne Rotunno
Leah Wasserman
tania szilagyi
Jamie Serlin
Laura Campbell-Lui
Mary Stachow
Miriam Calabro
kathryn kirk
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  • Grace Veras Sealy
    signed 2018-11-30 22:37:34 -0500
    This is so needed by our children, I hope it comes to pass.
  • Henry Matthews
    signed 2018-11-30 22:32:50 -0500
    Fine work Bobby.
  • Elizabeth Lucadamo
    signed 2018-11-30 22:11:04 -0500
    This is a must!
  • Richard LaMarita
    signed 2018-11-30 19:09:48 -0500
    Very important issue.
  • Offer Sharaby
    signed 2018-11-30 18:43:40 -0500
  • Orli LeWinter
    signed 2018-11-30 18:36:20 -0500
  • Kelly Agnew-Barajas
    signed 2018-11-30 18:26:24 -0500
  • Nicole Williams
    signed 2018-11-30 17:13:54 -0500
  • Joanna Kalb
    signed 2018-11-30 16:50:10 -0500
  • malika green
    signed 2018-11-30 16:27:55 -0500
    malika green
  • Pamela Ryan
    signed via 2018-11-28 11:37:03 -0500
    Screening for dysgraphia is needed as well
  • heather rajamani
    signed via 2018-11-28 10:13:52 -0500
  • Julie Underwood
    signed via 2018-11-28 10:06:19 -0500
  • Kathryn Barbieri
    signed via 2018-11-28 10:02:49 -0500
  • Elizabeth Mayward
    signed via 2018-11-28 09:50:28 -0500
  • Ken Lippmann
    signed via 2018-11-28 09:47:21 -0500
    Ken Lippmann
  • Sandra Lippmann
    signed 2018-11-26 17:55:40 -0500
  • Suzanne Clarkson
    signed 2018-11-26 14:10:59 -0500
  • Dorothy Leech
    signed via 2018-11-23 15:19:04 -0500
    This action has been needed so much for decades. The school system can save thousands of students from frustration and shame by testing and treating dyslexia early. Ultimately the school system will save money, and overall reading scores will rise.
  • Asia Bukszpan
    signed 2018-11-21 19:50:44 -0500
  • Elaina Greco
    signed 2018-11-20 17:57:45 -0500
  • Catherine Cruz
    signed 2018-11-19 15:01:26 -0500
  • Joanne Rotunno
    signed 2018-11-19 06:49:23 -0500
    Wonderful that dyslexia is finally getting the recognition it needs.
  • Leah Wasserman
    signed 2018-11-17 19:43:53 -0500
    As as speech language pathologist who treats students with dyslexia, I cannot be more supportive of this measure! Early Identification and proper multi-sensory reading instruction is key for teaching students with dyslexia how to read and give them the same opportunities for success as their peers.
  • tania szilagyi
    signed 2018-11-17 12:04:21 -0500
    I know first hand how devastating is for a child the lack of properly diagnosing dyslexia as soon as reading difficulties are experienced.

    Children believe they are stupid and their self esteem is for for ever damaged. Proper diagnosis and timely help could prevent life long issues.
  • Jamie Serlin
    signed 2018-11-17 11:19:34 -0500
  • Laura Campbell-Lui
    signed 2018-11-17 10:07:12 -0500
  • Mary Stachow
    signed 2018-11-17 09:38:26 -0500
    This is badly needed. My brother was dyslexic. He suffered much abuse by my father who called him lazy and punished him for his poor marks in school. Needless to say he dropped out of school at the age of 15. He was smart in many ways but the fact that he couldn’t read held him back. He had many problems with paying bills, signing contracts, etc. Because of his handicap, he was taken advantage of by so-called friends.
  • Miriam Calabro
    signed 2018-11-17 08:12:00 -0500
  • kathryn kirk
    signed 2018-11-17 04:12:06 -0500
    kathryn kirk