New York's economy is one of the most dynamic economies to our country. However, too often in New York we have great wealth disparities where those at the top have seen great gains while the rest of us have seen our wages stagnate or fall. New York needs to invest in resources to train our residents in the STEM fields while also sure up our manufacturing base. Too often big business in New York reap all the rewards of our states unique position as the financial capital of the world but don't pay their fare share. We must have sensible zoning laws that maintain manufacturing zoning in certain areas in New York City that are under assault from real estate speculators who want to create luxury housing. We must also incentivize large corporations to keep their back office and support staff in New York City or Upstate instead of shipping those jobs to other parts of the country or overseas. Finally, we need to institute a $15.00 minimum wage and paid sick leave so that no person with a full time job is living below the poverty line.

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  • Robert Carroll
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