Getting around quickly, efficiently, and safely is essential to our economy and quality of life. 

  1. Replace and maintain all the signals and switches along the F, B, and Q lines so that trains can run closer together and thus increase capacity along our subway lines. If we were to upgrade our switches and signals the MTA could then implement the F express with no decrease in local service.

  2. The installation of elevators at more of our subway stations throughout the district so seniors and those individuals with disabilities have equal access to our subways.
  3. Maintain and rehabilitate the Church Avenue, Beverly Road, Courtelyou Road, and Newkirk Plaza subway stations on the B/Q line. 

  4. Ensure that the MTA Capital budget is funded and that the MTA gets its fair share of funding.
  5. Install countdown clocks along the F and B/Q line.

  6. Install countdown clocks along our bus routes.

  7. Create bike lanes that connect our neighborhoods to Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan.                                 

  8. Make sure America's Oldest Bike Path along Ocean Parkway is maintained and rehabilitated.  

  9. Help ensure that the Mayor's Vision Zero Plan is implemented.                             

  10. Hold DOT accountable in making sure that their plans for our neighborhood are making our streets safer.

  11. Expand the NYC Green Cab Fleet.

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