Why I'm Running

Our State Government is broken. For too long we have been plagued with a system that is not responsive to average peoples needs and worse yet we have seen lawmakers enrich themselves, their families and their friends. But we can fix that. I am confident we can stand up against the powerful interests that will resist change and win!

If enough of us stand up and demand open and transparent government and access to the voting booth we will prevail and fix our democracy from the bottom up. 

As your Assemblymember I promise to represent the needs of our neighborhoods. I promise to lead on reforming our state government and bringing progressive changes from fighting against high stake testing to advocating for truly affordable housing to bringing campaign finance reform to increasing the minimum wage to making sure there is a permanent ban on hydrofracking.   

I’m passionate about making sure that our streets are safe, livable, and affordable because a more just and equitable City strengthens us all.

As someone who is born and raised in the district I know how important it is to make sure: 

  • That our schools are well funded and equipped to educate to each individual child and to not just teach to a test;          

  • That our parks are safe, clean and well maintained;

  • That  our subways and buses are fully funded and operational;

  • That our neighborhoods aren't overrun by shoddy and out of scale development;

  • And that our neighborhoods are affordable for both new and long term residents.    

I could not be more proud to call myself a Brooklynite. Now let’s build a State government that we can be equally proud of.