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One in five students is dyslexic.  50% of 4th Graders are not reading on grade level.  Only seven states nationwide evaluate all Kindergarten and 1st Graders for Dyslexia and as a consequence so many of our students go undiagnosed.

Join Brooke Lyn and me and sign our petition to call on the Governor, Mayor, Chancellor & Legislature to make New York the eighth state to universally screen all Kindergartners for dyslexia and to work together to dedicate the resources necessary to ensure that all of our children who struggle with dyslexia and other learning differences get the quality education that they deserve. 

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Maria Heredia
Ellen sills-levy
Jennifer Parendo
Merryl Casanova
Jolene Perry
Cynthia Arbulu-Vacca
Eugene Shapiro
Janie Bernstein
Andrea Giuria
Charlie Perez
Johanna Garcia
Nancy Ruddy
Stephanie Castellano
Jennifer Nelson
Alison Tuff
Frank Seddio
Sharon Bonios
Maria Dollas
martin zukerman
Judd Silverman
Sonia Kemp
Kerry Zion
Patricia Bernstein
Tyler Newton
Amy Weintraub
Daniel Campanelli
Joseph Del Prete
Gail Buckley
Mary Beth Carroll
Barra Bernstein
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  • Maria Heredia
    signed 2018-10-01 22:35:46 -0400
    Maria Heredia
  • Ellen sills-levy
    signed 2018-10-01 22:35:36 -0400
  • Jennifer Parendo
    signed 2018-10-01 22:34:31 -0400
  • Merryl Casanova
    signed 2018-10-01 22:28:16 -0400
    Please keep fighting for this. Public schools need support to do this job for all students!
  • Jolene Perry
    signed 2018-10-01 22:05:15 -0400
  • Cynthia Arbulu-Vacca
    signed 2018-10-01 22:04:54 -0400
    Thank you for addressing dyslexia screening. I’d be interested in knowing more about passing bill for the state of New York.
  • Eugene Shapiro
    signed 2018-10-01 22:02:11 -0400
    I’m dyslexic and was never tested. I was always “could be better” however, I was doing the best I could
  • Janie Bernstein
    signed 2018-10-01 21:58:17 -0400
  • Andrea Giuria
    signed 2018-10-01 21:57:13 -0400
  • Charlie Perez
    signed 2018-10-01 21:41:40 -0400
  • Johanna Garcia
    signed 2018-10-01 21:41:29 -0400
  • Nancy Ruddy
    signed 2018-10-01 21:37:40 -0400
    I am the parent of a child w dyslexia who got her needs met only because I happen to be a psychologist and knew how to get her assessed and managed, and how to advocate for her. A high percentage of people in jail have learning issues – which makes sense right? Catch this issue EARLY, INTERVENE, and avoid a lifetime of heartache. Thank you.
  • Stephanie Castellano
    signed 2018-10-01 21:36:17 -0400
  • Jennifer Nelson
    signed 2018-10-01 21:35:22 -0400
  • Alison Tuff
    signed 2018-10-01 21:35:08 -0400
    ALL of NYS desperately needs this!
  • Frank Seddio
    signed 2018-10-01 21:27:37 -0400
  • Sharon Bonios
    signed 2018-10-01 21:19:02 -0400
  • Maria Dollas
    signed 2018-10-01 21:09:55 -0400
  • martin zukerman
    signed 2018-10-01 20:37:01 -0400
    this is the right choice
  • Judd Silverman
    signed via 2018-10-01 20:34:55 -0400
    Catching this at an early age is so vital—it is important that the kids understand that it is a condition, not an indictment of them nor something something to punish themselves about. The sooner one is helped to adjust to alternative learning processes, the better for the child’s overall development.
  • Sonia Kemp
    signed 2018-10-01 20:34:36 -0400
  • Kerry Zion
    signed 2018-10-01 20:34:01 -0400
    We are paying out of pocket for a Wilson tutor for our son because the public school does not offer any OG based reading programs. We can only fit in one or two sessions a week after school and he should get it everyday for 30/40 mins. Second grade reading at low kindergarten level still
  • Patricia Bernstein
    signed 2018-10-01 20:30:17 -0400
  • Tyler Newton
    signed 2018-10-01 20:21:43 -0400
  • Amy Weintraub
    signed 2018-10-01 20:15:02 -0400
    I wholeheartedly support this idea. As a mom of a child with dyslexia, having her screened in kindergarten would have drastically reduced a lot of anxiety for her and would have given her a head start on intervention services.
  • Daniel Campanelli
    signed 2018-10-01 19:37:18 -0400
  • Joseph Del Prete
    signed 2018-10-01 19:26:48 -0400
  • Gail Buckley
    signed 2018-10-01 19:17:23 -0400
  • Mary Beth Carroll
    signed 2018-10-01 19:01:25 -0400
    We know what to do, so there is no excuse for not teaching kids with Dyslexia how to read.
  • Barra Bernstein
    signed 2018-10-01 19:00:19 -0400