As an Attorney, Criminal Justice Reform is near to my heart. For a well functioning society we must make sure all people are treated fairly and equitably. 

To create a more fair and just society we must: 

1. Have comprehensive bail reform so that we do not have individuals sitting in jail for low level and non-violent offenses because they cannot afford bail. We must put the burden on the prosecution that if bail is to be set that they prove the individual is a danger to others or a flight risk. 

2. Decriminalize low level drug and quality of life crimes. Not only will this curb excessive prosecution but it will free up precious resources for our District Attorneys to spend time and energy on those individuals who have committed serious crimes. 

3. Fully fund our public defender offices so that all individuals have access to an attorney who is not overburdened with hundreds of cases.  

4. Strengthen our gun control laws so we can keep illegal guns off our streets.